Each year, the PTO hosts numerous school-wide events for our students and families. If you are interested in helping with any of the events, please reach out to the event committee coordinator. The list of coordinators can be found here.  




To celebrate Halloween and the Fall season, students participate in carnival games to win prizes. Younger students dress up and older students help their buddies and play games.




The Secret Santa gift shop allows students to “secretly” shop for their loved ones during the school day.  Students shop by grade level and the younger classes are assisted by their junior high buddies.  



Fathers and daughters participate in this annual special event that includes a night full of dancing, dessert, a DJ, balloon animals, and photo booth



Mothers and sons enjoy a night out that includes events such as bowling, laser tag, a ropes course and arcade games.




Grandparents of students in grades K-3 join their grandchildren to see their classrooms and participate in a prayer service. This is a special day where students are able to show what they are doing in school to their grandparents



Catholic schools across the country participate in a week of activities to celebrate Catholic education. At St. Susanna students have themed dress up days, special events, and a week long raffle for prizes. 




During this week PTO plans daily snacks, gifts, and meals to show our teachers how important they are to us. Students are encouraged to bring in thank you cards and parents are encouraged to send in donations to make this week special for our teachers. 


To celebrate the end of another school year students participate with their classmates in a day full of fun field games. Snow cones and friendly competition are the best part of the day.